The Ultimate End of Lease Cleaning Checklist


Say goodbye to rental stress and hello to a spotless home! Introducing the Ultimate End of Lease Cleaning Checklist, your ticket to securing your security deposit and leaving your rental property in pristine condition. 

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll breeze through every nook and cranny, ensuring a flawless move-out experience and a fond farewell to your landlord. Get ready to transform your rental into a showstopper that will impress!

When it comes to moving out of a rental property, one of the most important tasks is ensuring that the property is left in a clean and tidy condition. This is where an End of Lease Cleaning Checklist comes in handy. It is a comprehensive list of all the cleaning tasks that need to be completed before handing over the keys to the landlord or property manager.

The End of Lease Cleaning Checklist covers everything from cleaning the kitchen appliances to dusting the blinds and wiping down the walls. By following this checklist, tenants can ensure that they leave the property in a spotless condition, which can help them get their full bond back. So, if you are moving out of a rental property soon, make sure to use an End of Lease Cleaning Checklist to ensure that you don’t miss any important cleaning tasks. Ready to get your bond back? Contact us today to book your End of Lease Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

A. Appliances

  • Oven and stove

a. Remove and clean racks, trays, and burners

b. Wipe down oven interior and exterior

c. Clean stovetop, including drip pans and knobs

  • Refrigerator

a. Empty and defrost the freezer

b. Remove and clean shelves and drawers

c. Wipe down all interior and exterior surfaces

d. Clean the refrigerator coils

  • Dishwasher

a. Run an empty cycle with a dishwasher cleaner

b. Wipe down the interior, door, and seals

c. Clean the filter and spray arms

  • Microwave

a. Remove and clean the turntable

b. Wipe down the interior and exterior

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Bathroom Cleaning

A. Toilet

  • Clean and disinfect the bowl, rim, and base
  • Scrub the toilet seat and lid
  • Wipe down the flush handle and tank

B. Shower and bathtub

  • Remove soap scum and hard water stains
  • Clean and disinfect the tub and shower floor
  • Wipe down shower walls and doors
  • Clean and polish fixtures

C. Tiles and grout

  • Scrub tiles and grout lines with a suitable cleaner
  • Rinse and wipe down surfaces
  • Consider resealing grout if necessary

D. Sink and countertops

  • Clean and disinfect the sink and basin
  • Wipe down and polish faucets and handles
  • Clean and disinfect countertops

E. Mirrors and glass surfaces

  • Use a streak-free cleaner for mirrors and shower doors
  • Wipe down glass surfaces with a microfiber cloth

F. Cabinets and storage

  • Empty and remove any remaining items
  • Wipe down shelves, doors, and handles
  • Clean the interior and exterior surfaces

G. Floors

  • Sweep and vacuum to remove dust and debris
  • Mop the floor with a suitable cleaner
  • Dry the floor to avoid slips and watermarks

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Living Areas and Bedrooms

A. Dusting surfaces and fixtures

  • Dust furniture, shelves, and surfaces
  • Clean and polish light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Wipe down electronics, such as TVs and computers

B. Cleaning windows and window sills

  • Remove dust and debris from window sills and tracks
  • Clean the interior side of windows with a streak-free cleaner
  • Wipe down window frames and handles

C. Vacuuming carpets and mopping floors

  • Vacuum carpets, rugs, and hard floors to remove dust and debris
  • Mop hard floors with a suitable cleaner
  • Consider steam cleaning carpets if necessary

D. Wiping down baseboards and molding

  • Use a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt from baseboards and molding
  • Clean corners and edges with a soft brush or vacuum attachment

E. Cleaning light switches and outlets

  • Turn off the electricity in the room for safety
  • Wipe down switch plates and outlet covers with a damp cloth
  • Use a cotton swab or small brush to clean around switches and outlets

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Outdoor Areas (if applicable)

A. Balcony or patio

  • Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove debris
  • Scrub the floor with a suitable cleaner
  • Wipe down furniture and fixtures

B. Exterior windows and doors

  • Clean exterior windows with a streak-free cleaner
  • Wipe down frames, sills, and screens
  • Clean and polish exterior doors and handles

C. Garage or storage spaces

  • Remove all items from the space
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove debris
  • Wipe down shelves, cabinets, and storage units
  • Consider organizing items and disposing of any unnecessary items.

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Final Touches

A. Checking for personal belongings

  • Inspect all rooms, closets, and cabinets for any left-behind items
  • Verify all personal items have been packed or disposed of
  • Ensure the space is move-in ready for the next occupant

B. Replacing light bulbs and smoke detector batteries

  • Check all light fixtures for burnt-out bulbs and replace as needed
  • Test smoke detectors and replace batteries if necessary
  • Consider replacing carbon monoxide detector batteries as well

C. Taking out the trash and recycling

  • Collect all trash and recycling from each room
  • Dispose of waste in designated bins or collection areas
  • Ensure all trash and recycling has been removed from the property

D. Providing keys to the landlord or property manager

  • Gather all sets of keys, including spares and duplicates
  • Label keys accordingly for easy identification
  • Return keys to the landlord or property manager upon move-out inspection

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How Do I Find a Reliable End-of-Lease Cleaning Service?

Finding a reliable end of lease cleaning service can be daunting, especially with so many available options. 

Here are some essential tips to help you choose the right cleaning company for your end of lease cleaning needs:

Ask for recommendations: 

Reach out to friends, family members, or coworkers who have recently moved and inquire about their experience with end-of-lease cleaning services

Personal recommendations can often provide valuable insights into a company’s reliability and quality of work.

Research online: 

Conduct a thorough search online to find reputable cleaning companies in your area. 

Look for customer reviews on platforms like Yelp or Google and any testimonials on the company’s website. These can provide a good indication of the quality of service you can expect.

Compare quotes: 

Contact multiple cleaning companies to obtain quotes for their services. Be sure to provide the same information to each company, such as the size of your property and the scope of cleaning required, to ensure accurate comparisons. 

While the cheapest option may be tempting, remember that quality should always take precedence over cost.

Check for insurance and licensing: 

reputable cleaning company should be fully licensed. This ensures that you are protected in case of any damages or accidents that may occur during the cleaning process. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for proof of insurance and licensing before hiring a company.

Inquire about guarantees: 

Some cleaning companies may offer a satisfaction guarantee or promise to return and address any issues if you are not completely satisfied with their work. 

This can provide added peace of mind and ensure you receive the quality of service you expect.Don’t waste your time cleaning. Book our service and focus on your move instead!


A thorough end-of-lease cleaning offers several benefits, including increasing the chances of receiving your full security deposit back, leaving a positive impression on your landlord, and reducing moving-related stress. It also ensures a clean and welcoming environment for the next tenant.

By ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining a positive relationship with your landlord, you can improve future rental references and experiences. 

Open communication, scheduling a final walk-through, and addressing concerns promptly are key factors in achieving this goal.


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